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On this page, customers tell us how they experience us. It is a feedback that shows the appreciation of our customers for our way of working.. That is why we like to share these customer experiences. Feel free to contact us. Even if you have a problem that you can’t solve.

Sunrise Medical

We were approached by BS&i Mechatronics and after a short presentation and tour we placed a test order. This has resulted in a sequel.
They have now solved several important issues for us.
Due to the knowledge and experience of BS&I Mechatronics with regard to the delivery and modification of products requested by us, they can deliver quickly and adequately. It is a strong company that does everything to keep the customer satisfied. BS&i Mechatronics always honors the agreements made. They have very short response times and are very customer-oriented.
There is always a short line and they listen carefully and think along with me about what I need.

Pim Warringa,
Tactical Buyer


BS&i Mechatronics approached us to work with them. In a number of conversations I gained confidence in the experience and knowledge of BS&i Mechatronics. I decided to place a first small assignment because you never know if it will go well.
However, this went beyond expectations from the start and it was therefore decided to continue this with new assignments.
BS&i Mechatronics has a good basis and a lot of in-house knowledge and a reliable delivery time. Assignments are taken seriously. They think along with you and always move forward, which makes them very customer-oriented.

Hans Vermeer,
Manager Operations

Zest Innovate

We ran into René Vetjens of BS&i Mechatronics at a networking event.
At one point we didn’t have time to put together a product ourselves and needed someone quickly. So we decided to contact him. BS&i Mechatronics immediately tackled the situation energetically, so that we could quickly continue with deliveries.
We experience BS&i Mechatronics as a company that wants to do well for its customers. They always keep their promises. It is a reliable partner with short lines and a fast response time.

Cyrille Gradus,
Director Owner

ACE Wikkeltechniek

Via een relatie in mijn netwerk werd ik op BS&i Mechatronics gewezen. He indicated that I should talk to René sometime. I get those recommendations more often, but this time it turned out to be a valuable tip.
We now work together and I got to know BS&i Mechatronics as a flexible player in the field of assembly work. A friendly and knowledgeable relationship has developed. BS&i Mechatronics appears to have a lot of experience and knowledge.
They like to think ahead, even if they don’t immediately know the answer. Then they help with the search until the solution is found.

Eduard Lebbink,
Director Owner


I was looking for a company in the Eindhoven region to put together a new product. BS&i Mechatronics was mentioned by a relation in my network. Because it is always a question of whether you get what is promised, I have made several visits to BS&i Mechatronics. This gave me the confidence and conviction that the experience and moral attitude I was seeking is clearly there.
I also talked to other companies, but eventually decided to go with BS&i Mechatronics. This turns out to be a good choice. My impression of a positive, accessible and professional company that always puts the customer first is fully fulfilled.

Coen Vermeulen,
Director Owner