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Looking for a company that builds and tetst mechatronic devices
to a high standard and takes care of everything for you from purchase to delivery?

Then contact us because we are strong at that.

Moreover, we always have a solution to your problem.

You will receive maximum support from a sea of knowledge and experience.

This is where we excel.

Complete unburdening

Fully outsource the building and testing of mechatronic devices to us. We execute all activities necessary to deliver the built and tested device to you. We take care of support activities such as supplier selection, purchasing, stock management, development and project management. Physical distribution of your product fits into this. You stay in control.

Building and testing

When building and testing mechatronic devices, we connect different techniques such as mechanical parts, electro technics, electronics, software and sensors. This is supported by production logistics and the commitment of motivated and skilled employees. We derive our knowledge and craftsmanship from a long experience of more than 40 years in industrial manufacturing.

Single pieces up to and including series

Our organization is set up to produce single pieces and series. Because of our knowledge and experience, we understand what you are asking for and can get started quickly. Our short start-up times and short lead times mean that we deliver the first products within days. Our manufacturing methods are designed with traceability, reproducibility and manageability in mind.

Modify and repair

You can also contact us if your products do not meet the desired specifications or are not usable. We customize them to the required specifications. This saves you from rejection, project delays and possible problems with delivery. This applies to fields such as metal, plastics, electro technics, electronics, software and ICT.

Cost reduction

In addition to building and testing, we like to think along to simplify the design of the device. When building a device, we pay attention to the cost of tooling. This results in reduction of cost, reduction of lead time and a reliable product. Ultimately, our client is going for the lowest possible “Cost of Ownership.”

Design & Engineering

We do not have the design and engineering activities in-house. We outsource these to companies in our extensive network. Each of these companies have proven themselves and are among the best in their field. We are familiar with design and engineering so we can manage these activities on behalf of our client.

Building and testing

We build mechatronic devices in small to medium series starting from 1 piece per series. Series may vary in size and partial deliveries are possible. Our processes are designed accordingly with great attention to reproducibility and manageability.

As the customer, you have great input into the method of building your device. Combined with our competencies in production technology, this produces excellent results. We always manage to help our clients, even with the more complex issues.

The production methods used are tailored to demand. Adopting a specific customer-developed method for building mechatronic devices upon request is a matter of course. Here are some examples of applied production methods.

When designing the process for building and testing mechatronic devices, we apply our knowledge and experience to a broad spectrum of fields such as metal, plastic, electronics, optics, software, ict, sensorics, hydraulics and pneumatics. We have a bright, clean and modern production area with ESD (Electro Static Discharge) safe facility for responsible processing of electronics.

To build and test devices, we purchase parts, machining and modules for you. Our knowledge of manufacturing components, technology wide, allows us to select and guide suppliers. Our wide network of component suppliers benefits us in this process.

BS&i Mechatronics logistiek

Production logistics is essential

We realize that we are part of your supply chain and therefore affect your customer satisfaction. Serving our customer perfectly is closely linked to the management of our production logistics. That is why this subject has full attention at BS&i Mechatronics

Naturally, we take into account the systematics (such as ERP and MRP) and our customer’s specific logistical requirements such as on-the-day delivery, version control and serial number management. We are familiar with various logistical concepts such as Supply-Chain Management, Kanban, Two-Bin and Just-In-Time.

We use the method of Project Oriented Logistics, which results in short order start times and minimal indirect costs. From this our customers benefit directly. BS&i Mechatronics has its own transport in order to supply you flexibly and responsibly.

René Vetjens, Managing Director BS&i Mechatronics

About BS&i Mechatronics

BS&i Mechatronics was founded by René Vetjens, director and owner. BS&i Mechatronics brings together his knowledge, experience and insights gained from his decades-long career within the manufacturing industry and as a consultant. In which his physics and business background guarantee an understanding of technology and organization.

Through his broad and in-depth experience gained at small supply companies (jobbers), system suppliers (first tier suppliers), OEM companies and as an entrepreneur, he knows better than anyone else what customers expect from BS&i Mechatronics. He has since been joined by Sem Kaiser as Manager of Operations and Jeffrey van Eersel Logistics Assistant.

Our service is designed to maximally unburden our client. Integrity and keeping commitments are central to this. We are proud that our customer experience the same. Read customer experiences from us here.

Learning & Working in the Brainport Region

BS&i Mechatronics is committed to training skilled workers. Through good cooperation with training institutions, BS&i Mechatronics contributes to the development of skilled employees. We are therefore proud to present ourselves as an SBB-recognized training company.

BS&i Mechatronics is located in the Eindhoven Brainport region, the High Tech region of the Netherlands. Brainport is also the 3rd mainport of the Netherlands, next to Schiphol Airport and the Port of Rotterdam.

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