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BS&i Mechatronics helps you with assemble and testing of simple to complex mechatronic devices. Our strength is the integration of technologies into a single system. Relevant operations that we conduct include:

  • Connecting mechanical components by means of screws, pressing, blind riveting, gluing, soldering;
  • Modifying mechanical components;
  • Connecting electrical and electronic components by means of connectors, wire trees and soldering;
  • Completing printed circuit boards such as attaching connectors, cables and through hole components;
  • Modifying printed circuit boards. Both through hole and SMD components (soldering iron and hot air);
  • Functional testing of mechanical, electrical and electronic assemblies;
  • Endurance testing of devices;
  • Operations prescribed by the customer.

BS&i Mechatronics offers knowledge and experience on a wide range of disciplines, such as metal, plastics, electronics, optics, software, ICT, sensory, hydraulics and pneumatics. We have a well-lit, clean and modern assembly room with ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) secure facility for responsible processing of electronics.

Due to our knowledge of producing components, technology wide, we can select and supervise suppliers for purchasing parts, operations and modules. Our wide network of component suppliers benefits us in this process.

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